High wildfire danger throughout Los Angeles area…

The Los Angeles Fire Department has declared a Red Flag Alert, initiating Red Flag Parking Restrictions effective from 08:00 a.m. on October 29, 2023, until further notice. A “Red Flag Alert” is invoked when wind speeds reach 25 miles per hour or higher, coupled with a relative humidity of 15% or less.

Tomorrow’s weather forecasts anticipate wind speeds peaking at 31mph and a notably low relative humidity of 4%. In anticipation of these conditions, the LAFD is taking proactive measures by deploying additional task forces and 911 dispatchers, and rigorously enforcing Red Flag parking restrictions. For comprehensive information regarding Red Flag Parking restrictions, please refer to this link.

As the city remains on high alert, it is essential to stay informed and take precautions to ensure safety during wildfire-prone days. Here are some valuable tips to help you stay safe in such challenging conditions.

Here’s what you can do to stay safe:

  • Download the LAIT911 Mobile App

The LAIT911 mobile app is a free service for Los Angeles citizens that monitors fires, along with other natural and man-made disasters all in real time. On average, an incident is automatically published, and when appropriate, the community is alerted within 10 seconds of the 911 dispatcher completing the phone call.

Having a reliable, early-alerting system allows you the most amount of time to take appropriate action; whether it’s preparation or evacuation.

Download the LAIT911 app at the link below or on the Google Play/Apple App Store.


  • Enable Home Alerts & Local Alerts

Once you have the mobile app downloaded, click the bell icon in the lower menu of the mobile app and toggle on both Local Alerts & Home Alerts. Local Alerts and Home Alerts ensure no matter where you are, you’ll be notified of major incidents taking place near you while tuning out the rest of the “noise” of the city.

Make sure you have your zipcode set in your user profile AND the correct background location permissions enabled.

  • A few other basic tips
    • Clear Around Your Home: Remove dead plants, leaves, and branches close to your house.
    • Be Ready to Leave: Have an emergency plan, pack essentials, and know your evacuation routes.
    • Stay Informed: Listen to alerts and news for updates on any wildfire risk situations. The LAIT911 app is a great source for this, and best of all free for Los Angeles citizens.

If you have any non-emergency safety concerns, want to ensure a successful setup of your LAIT911 profile, or have any questions related to fire safety, please contact our Disaster Operations team at [email protected].