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It’s important to stay informed and prepared for any potential emergencies. That’s where we come in. LAIT911 provides you with real-time updates and alerts on any major events or disasters in your area, so you can stay safe and take necessary precautions.

LAIT911 is compatible with any phone, even including an old-school Motorola flip phone. LAIT911 sends information on breaking incidents that have a high probability of affecting public safety in your immediate area to your phone via SMS. Our alerts are either sent automatically via direct integration with 911 Dispatch systems or manually verified and sent by our trained team of incident analysts.

With our service, you’ll always be aware of any potential dangers, so you can make informed decisions about your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect yourself and your loved ones. Sign up for the free emergency notification service today and stay informed when it matters the most.

What alerts will I receive?2022-12-20T20:07:10+00:00

You will automatically receive alerts for any LAFD incidents with 20 or more LAFD apparatus responding. Common alerted incidents include Vegetation Fires, Structure Fires, and Rescue Missions. You may also receive other alerts for incidents deemed as impacting public safety from our team of analysts and admin staff. These incidents could include information on active shooter situations, or mandatory evacuation orders.

How many alerts will I recieve?2022-12-20T20:07:54+00:00

The number of alerts you receive will depend on how busy your surrounding region is. 1-3 per week is what we see on average for most zip codes but varies from week to week.

How do I opt-out of alerts?2022-12-20T20:08:25+00:00

You can opt-out of alerts at any time by visiting your user dashboard and unchecking the “Enable Home Location Alerts” button, or simply by replying STOP to any message received.

Is there a cost for this service?2022-12-20T20:09:31+00:00

We believe that safety shouldn’t come at a cost. LAIT911 Fire Corp is able to offer this service completely free thanks to our donors and sponsors.

How do you determine location?2022-12-20T20:15:03+00:00

When signing up for LAIT911 Home Alerts, we ask that you provide your home zip code. We will match any incidents meeting the alerting criteria against your home zip code, and any zip code that geographically borders you.

Enable Home Alerts at no cost!

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