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LAIT911 is an all-volunteer fire & rescue non-profit organization dedicated to keeping communities safe and informed throughout disaster. Our mission is simple: to mitigate the risk and impact of disasters, and provide crucial resources to the community when they happen.

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At LAIT911, we are dedicated to providing outstanding and reliable disaster services to the communities of Los Angeles. Our team, deeply rooted in compassion and commitment, is rigorously trained in Search & Rescue, field medical care, and wildland fire response. We are always ready to respond swiftly to both natural or man-made emergencies, ensuring timely response, and impactful purpose, protecting both life and property.

Our capabilities include rapid mobilization for extensive search and rescue operations and the provision of essential field medical care during emergencies. LAIT911 also operates comprehensive fire and arson watch programs, which play a critical role in the early detection and mitigation of potential wildfires. In large-scale emergencies, LAIT911 has the ability to deploy advanced satellite communications to sustain vital links between disaster operations, supporting government agencies, first responders, and the public, even when traditional methods of communication are inaccessible.

In addition, the LAIT911 team has developed a public facing emergency notification system, the LAIT911 App, available on Web, iOS, and Android platforms, which integrates directly with Los Angeles’ 911 dispatch systems. This app provides real-time emergency alerts to the public, ensuring that residents are well-informed and protected during critical situations.

As a public non-profit organization, LAIT911 adheres to strict oversight and upholds transparent reporting standards. We are accountable to our local agency partners, the State of California, and the U.S. government. Our commitment to transparency and integrity serves the residents of Los Angeles, to whom we are dedicated to delivering reliable and compassionate service.

Every step we take is for the resilience and safety of Los Angeles, ensuring that in times of emergency, our community stands strong together.

Johnathan Martin • Disaster Operations Director


LAIT911 proactively integrates advanced technology and expert insights to provide early warnings and critical information, significantly aiding in the prevention and mitigation of disasters in Los Angeles.


LAIT911 empowers the Los Angeles community with essential knowledge and resources, fostering a culture of preparedness and informed decision-making in disaster situations.


LAIT911 actively supports rehabilitation efforts by establishing resilient communication networks and providing essential resources to rebuild and strengthen communities post-disaster in Los Angeles.

Board of Directors

LAIT911’s Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the execution of our mission. Each member of our board has not only a passion for but significant background in emergency services and public safety.

Gary Starr

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Johnathan Martin

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