With our user-friendly interface, you can quickly search for fire incident data by over 20 different criteria including location, date range, and incident type. Our database includes detailed information on a wide range of incidents, including structure fires, medical emergencies, hazmat incidents, rescues, and more.

Not only is our historical Los Angeles Fire Department Data Search feature a valuable resource for researchers and history buffs, it also serves as an important tool for firefighters, emergency responders, and other public safety professionals in the Los Angeles area. By accessing and analyzing historical CAD data, these professionals can better understand patterns and trends in emergency incidents, and use this knowledge to improve response times and enhance public safety.

One of the unique features of our tool is the ability to view detailed incident reports for each response. Depending on the individual incident, these reports include important information such as the type of incident, location, time of response, and any relevant notes or observations made by responding firefighters or notes provided by the community. In addition to this information, many times 911 call recordings are included in our archive for major events. These recordings can provide valuable context and insight into the events leading up to the response. By viewing these reports and listening to the 911 call recordings, you can get a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances and actions taken during each incident.

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