Hansen Dam Trail Watch

The Hansen Dam Trail Watch project was initiated in response to increasing concerns over safety and environmental risks in the Foothill Trails area. With the backdrop of rising temperatures and frequent drought conditions, the risk of wildfire and heat-related illnesses has become a pressing issue. Our project not only aims to mitigate these risks but also serves as a model for community-led conservation efforts.

The HDTW initiative focuses on proactive measures to prevent vegetation fires, enhance the safety of visitors, and maintain the integrity of Hansen Dam’s natural and recreational areas. Our trained volunteer members, equipped with the necessary skills and tools, patrol the trails to ensure that every visitor experiences the beauty of Hansen Dam without risk.

What We Do

Fire Watch: Our teams are on the lookout for early signs of fire, helping to prevent potential wildfires through immediate action and coordination with LAFD.
Visitor Safety: We provide first aid assistance and ensure that all visitors have the resources they need for a safe experience.
Environmental Preservation: By monitoring and reporting on environmental health, we play a crucial role in the conservation efforts of Hansen Dam’s ecosystem.


We are seeking dedicated volunteers who are committed to duty, vigilance, and service. As a team member, you will be involved in crucial operations focused on disaster prevention and public safety. Members receive comprehensive training that spans several weeks, equipping volunteers to respond effectively to frequent fire and medical incidents in Los Angeles. If you’re passionate about serving your community, click below to explore the role further.


Every contribution to LAIT911 fuels our ability to maintain vigilance and safety across our community’s cherished natural spaces. Financial donations are crucial; they enable us to acquire and maintain essential equipment, fund operations, and provide comprehensive training for our volunteers. If you wish to contribute financially, please click here to make a secure online donation. Alternatively, if you have supplies that can aid in our efforts—from medical kits to fire safety equipment—please coordinate with us via email at [email protected]. Your generosity plays a pivotal role in empowering our mission and enhancing the effectiveness of our services.

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