This past weekend, the LAIT911 Fire & Rescue team assigned to the Hansen Dam Trail Watch rescued an injured equestrian who was bucked off of her horse deep within the trails of Hansen Dam. The individual had reportedly suffered a fall after their horse was spooked, resulting in an inability to walk and visible signs of severe pain.

LAIT911 volunteers swiftly assessed the situation and administered immediate first aid, stabilizing the injured patient and transporting her outside of the trails to be further evaluated by LAFD paramedics.

Upon arrival at the Hansen Dam Ranger Station, LAIT911 coordinated with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) paramedics, who conducted a thorough medical evaluation of the patient.

The injured equestrian reported that her tailbone felt as if it shattered, but paramedics stated that they would not be able to confirm without transporting her to a local hospital. Despite the paramedics’ advice recommending further medical attention, the injured equestrian chose to be released against medical advice.

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