The FBI and DHS have issued a nationwide public safety alert regarding potential safety concerns linked to the recent Hamas attacks in Israel. While no specific intelligence indicates imminent threats to the United States, foreign terrorist organizations and their supporters have a history of exploiting conflicts between Israel and Hamas, leading to attacks on religious minorities in the U.S.

These have included targeting individuals, houses of worship, and institutions associated with the Jewish and Muslim faiths with acts of physical assault, vandalism, or harassment.

A significant number of demonstrations, protests, and rallies are anticipated in Los Angeles this weekend. While these gatherings are generally conducted peacefully, there is a heightened possibility of public disruptions and, in some instances, the potential for incidents of violence.

The LAIT911 incident analyst team will remain staffed 24/7 throughout the weekend, monitoring the situation and working closely with our local community, government, and law enforcement partners.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors in Los Angeles during these events. We are committed to providing timely updates and support as needed to address any potential disruptions or security concerns that may arise.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Download the LAIT911 Mobile App

The LAIT911 mobile app offers valuable and timely information on incidents that significantly impact public safety or potential community disruptions. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, LAIT911 provides real-time updates on various events, including but not limited to incidents like shootings, stabbings, assaults, and traffic collisions. Our commitment is to ensure the safety and well-being of our diverse community by delivering accessible and relevant information through our user-friendly app at no cost. Download the LAIT911 app at the link below or on the Google Play/Apple App Store.

2) Follow us on Twitter/X

For real-time information on any protest activities that arise throughout the weekend, follow the official @LAIT911 account on X, formerly Twitter. See something we missed? Tag us in it.

3) Enable Home Alerts & Local Alerts

Click the bell icon in the lower menu of the mobile app and toggle on both Local Alerts & Home Alerts. Local Alerts and Home Alerts ensure no matter where you are, you’ll be notified of important incidents taking place near you.

Make sure you have your zipcode set in your user profile AND the correct background location permissions enabled.

Best of all – those three safety features are all 100% free.

If you have any additional information or insights related to demonstrations, protests, or similar events taking place this weekend in Los Angeles, we welcome your assistance in helping us keep the community well-informed. Email [email protected]