Hi there –

Let me start off this brief message to thank you for being a valued LAIT911 user. Our team is continuously proud to serve our users with the most up-to-date safety information, along with boots on the ground support, and we hope that you have found the value in being prepared for the common emergencies that Los Angeles faces each day.

Our services would not be possible without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers, and as such, I’m here to ask you today to consider donating 5-10 hours per month (or more if you choose) of your time, dedicating yourself to aiding Los Angeles citizens overcome and prepare for those emergencies.

We have a handful of roles open, and are sure to have a spot for you; whether you live in Los Angeles or 1,000 miles away.

Open Roles:

Real-time Incident Analyst 

Sends out emergency alerts and publishes additional context on active incidents such as wildfires, mass shootings, major traffic collisions and other perils taking place in the city.

Acts as a liaison between first responders, government agencies, and the general public.

This is a fully remote volunteer role with no equipment needed other than a computer and stable internet connection

This is a very high impact with your information being sent to at times over 100,000+ people within minutes.

All training is provided but the ideal candidate should have basic understanding of fire and police terminology.

Events, Marketing & Education

Serve as a representative of LAIT911 promoting public safety, disaster preparedness through in-person events and seminars, along with crafting educational materials such as blogs, e-books, guides to be distributed virtually, through mail and in-person.

No formal education or experience in disaster prevention is required, all training is provided. In-person commitment is required.

Disaster Response

Deploy to scenes of large public safety incidents (or prior to) such as fires and floods to provide emergency assistance, working in teams and at times alone.

Specific training is required prior to deployment, LAIT911 will assist in your specific training plan. Physical fitness is a required aspect of this role.

Clean driving record is required.

Medical Standby

Provide essential medical care and first aid at various large-scale events across our city

Specific training is required prior to deployment, LAIT911 will assist in your specific training plan.

Government Relations

Serve as an official representative of LAIT911 responsible for working alongside local neighborhood councils, city council, mayor, and state government officials.

This is a role that requires a strong commitment, along with in-person responsibilities, meetings, and tasks. A flexible schedule is helpful, but not necessarily required.


Make a Difference: Large impact within Los Angeles, directly affecting the lives of 100s of thousands of Angelinos.
Community: Working with a large team of like-minded individuals.
Training & Certifications: LAIT911 Internal Trainings along with State of California and FEMA certifications, HAM radio certifications, search & rescue, and more.
Continuous Education: Access to resources such as MasterClass, educational stipends, lunch & learns and misc training courses.
Awards & Support: Eligibility for the national Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Volunteer Emergency Assistance Funds, volunteer expense reimbursement, free uniforms and equipment, along with other community awards and recognition.
Exclusive Access: First-responder cell service access (WPS/GETS/FirstNet), first-responder discounts (role dependent), and use of advanced technologies, and intel not available to the public.


If you are ready to support your city – express your interest for any of the above roles using this link.

Thank you,

Johnathan Martin
Disaster Ops @ LAIT911